Friday, February 20, 2015

I have been slacking on my blogging!!

 I have been busy since last August!  
Busy with "Normal" work & "Life"!  
I have done some projects however since last year
and here a just a few!

Milk White Glass Bird Feeder with a bud vase as the body &
a Votive as its feet!  Fun piece.  
I have started using All Thread and 
locking nuts with my pieces.  
I drill very carefully with a diamond 
drill bit and then just cut the All Thread accordingly!  
I used a 1/4" drill bit and All Thread.  
I also started using Neoprene washers that I placed 
between the glass and locking nuts.  
This helps not bind the glass so bad when you tighten down the nuts. 
I found out quickly these can be expensive and hard to find.  
I started making my own "washers" out of felt and a Punch Set!  
I have also used thick plastic!  
To finish off the piece I also added a drop of epoxy on the nuts, 
just to give them a little more strength.  

This is a Devil Egg Plate with a old piece of glass 
from a ceiling fan and then a glass pear!  
You can see the Neoprene washers in this photo.

I also updated my Bud Light Wind chime.  
I had a bag ofscrap beads and decided to string 
the beads between the caps!
I think it gives it a little more bling bling color!!  
I also added an eye hook bold for easier hanging!

I also made some Heineken Wind chimes.  I used Crush Red Pepper Caps for the tops.  I also used the scrap beads with these, and another eye hook for easy hanging!  
Word to wise....
Never throw away beads!!  They have wonderful uses!!

These are some beer cap necklaces I made.  I used some Shiner Bock beer caps and then places Millefiori, stones & Beads in the caps.  I used epoxy resin to fill in the cap.  I had purchased a bracelet at a local fundraiser this past year with the thoughts that the beads were super cool & usable in some other project down the road!  I was right, as they finished of these with a little Bling Bling!  they are not straight and some of the beads are crooked, but I think that adds to the appeal of them!  Helloooo..They are beer cap!!

This Spring I plan on redoing my tire project 
from a few years ago!  I am going to make
a vegetable garden this time around!  See you then!!

Lemon & The Bean

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Couple of New Projects I have done this year

Light switch plate cover

Double blue bird yard art.

Lady Bug Cup Vase

Colorful Flower Pot

Rock faces for the Garden - I gave them to my Moom

Big Colorful Flower Pot

Another Cup Vase I made for Mother on Mother's Day!
Two cups I used were hers and one I found.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Spring is almost here

Spring 2014 is almost here!  I have been so busy with all the Mosaics, I have not posted in for ever!  Here are some of the latest creations.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Water Faucet Flower Pot

I started with this Ice Cream tub, yes yummy!  I have however given up ice cream, well let me back up...In August I quit eating Blue Bunny & switched to Skinny Cow!  Lordy Lordy that Skinny Cow is really good!  Anyway one day while washing this tub to put into the recycle bin & by the way I hate to waste water to wash things for the recycle bin, but you gotta pick your evils right now & I choose recycling! I held this tub up & knew exactly what I wanted to do with it & an old water faucet I had of my Grandmothers.  

I brought the tub to my shop & cut a hole in it where I wanted the faucet to go.  I then coated it with tile adhesive.  Two objectives with this tile it hides the colorful labels on the tub & two it holds the glass gems to the tub!  I also glued a washer on the front to help stabilize the weight of the faucet on the sides of the tub.  I choose the bright blue glass gems as blue was my Grandmothers favorite color!  

I used another washer on the back to help with the faucet weight, as well as purchasing this big bolt to hold the faucet to the side of the tub.  This way the faucet can be removed anytime if needed.

I got some silver Mardi Gras beads my Mother had on her Christmas tree & cut three pieces off.  I used a sturdy piece of wire and wrapped the top of the beads together, then ran the wire through the faucet.  I finished off the project with a bright white grout and one top coat of polyurethane to give everything a nice shine & it also seals the grout.  The Faucet Flower Pot would fall over before I grouted it, but as you can see she sits nice & tall & pretty on her own. 

 Now all she needs is to be filled with dirt and a few succulents!

Updated this piece.  I like it so much better now!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sour Cream Bowl Mosaic Bowl

I have been doing a few mosaic pieces lately & have had a really good time working on the different shape objects.  The other night we finished a sour cream bowl, and as I was rinsing it out to put in the recycle bin I thought to myself... "this would make a nice size flower pot".  I brought it to the shop the next morning, and tested some tile adhesive to cover up the lettering on the outside.  It seemed to cover all the ink printed on the outside of the plastic container just fine, so I grabbed my roll of faux pearls & glass gems and went to work.  I did not color the grout on this piece, but rather I left it white.  After leaving it alone for a few days, I decided I wanted to test out painting on grout!  I got my paint & brush out and went to work.  I am not wild about the color, but it seems to work, and even got darker after I sealed the grout.  I think this could be used either inside or out!  Not to bad for a sour cream bowl.

Here is another sour cream tub I used & put tiles on.   

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bowling Ball Turned into a Garden Gazing Ball

Regular garden (pun is intended) variety bowling ball!  I got my trusty bright pink Valspar spray paint can out and proceeded to spray away!  It took two coats and some patience!  You can only paint half the ball at a time.  In our area the humidity is high, so it took me two days to get this ball painted and then dried! 

I stuff the two finger holes with paper and then put silicone glue on top of that & tried to get it as smooth as possible. Come to find out that once I grouted the ball, messy is not an issue!   I left the thumb hole for a solar light.

I began gluing my flat bottom marbles as close as I thought they needed to be.  I started at the bottom of the ball around the solar light hole and worked my way around from there.  I used approximately 100 flat bottom clear small marbles and 20 large flat bottom clear marbles.  Again this takes time as you can only do a section at a time.  I let my marbles dry over night.  

The silicone can ooze out from the marbles, because the grout will hide that. 

I used almost a whole tub of the Mosaics grout by Jennifer from Hobby Lobby.   Since I was going for the "Pink" theme I thought I would use some food coloring in my grout.  It worked out really well, or so I think is has (more on this later).  Follow the instructions on the grout label.  It is again tedious, but well worth the extra mixing and cleaning for the end product.  I used about 8 drops of food coloring per batch I made.  This food coloring ads liquid so remember to take that into account when mixing.  I added my coloring first & then I added the water!

I grouted the bowling ball per the instructions on the tub and found that it was really quite easy.  It turned my fingers pink from the food coloring, but that came right off after a few hand washing's.  Something I have learned since doing this ball while I was researching different/cheaper grouts when I read that... food coloring will not work.  I will say that the grout in this ball is getting lighter and lighter.  I am not sure if that is from it completely drying or if it is fading.  I am sure that once it sits in the sun it will fade.  I will be doing another gazing bowling ball this week for my Mother, and will be testing paint in my grout.  I will update if this is a good or bad thing!  I also learned that there are different kinds of grout for different projects!  

The pink gazing bowling ball.  I made this ball for our annual "Swing for a Cure" golf tournament.  Fourteen years of raising money for women in our County that cannot afford a Mammogram.  It was used in the raffle drawing & my good friend Dede Truitt took her home!  I can't wait to go visit her in Dede's garden!  

Items needed for the project:
1 Bowling ball. Mine came from my good friend Fay Burke!
1 can spray paint - your choice.
100 small flat bottom marbles - or more if you want a thinner grout line.
20 large flat bottom marbles.
1 Tube of Dap 100% silicone.
Paper for the finger holes.
1 tub of  Jennifer's Mosaic grout.
1 bottle of food coloring - optional at this point as I do not know if this will last or not!  
1 Solar light
1 old glass ashtray for a stand while I was working on the 
gazing ball.